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Mobile Control - Browser version - Unable to connect to the host SSP system


User is unable to connect to the host SongShow Plus system that they want to control using the browser method.  When trying to connect an "Server timeout" error or other connection failure message appears.

Possible Cause:
The root cause is most likely associated with the network connection or availability of the host SongShow Plus system on the network.

Troubleshooting Steps:
The browser based Mobile Control can be accessed on any system on the network, including itself.  To test for the most basic browser based Mobile Control function, the user can connect to SSP from a browser on the same system that is running SongShow Plus.  Use the steps below to verify this is working on the local system before proceeding.

Local System Browser Mobile Control Check
  1. Make sure that Mobile Control is enabled on your SongShow Plus system.
  2. Make sure that SongShow Plus is open and running.
  3. Open a browser on your SongShow Plus system.
  4. In the address bar, enter the IP address of the system you are currently on.  IPConfig will tell you this information.
  5. Once you have entered the IP address, press Enter.
  6. If successful, you should see the base Browser Mobile Control menu.  There is no need to go further for this verification.

If this is successful, you can proceed to looking for other solutions.  If this is not successful, then the issue may be in the initial setup of Mobile Control.  Revisit the Utilities Panel and the Mobile Control setup.


Possible Solution:
You can refer to the KB MC001 for complete setup instructions.
There are several things that must be set in order for this to work correctly.

Verify that the client system is on the same network as the host system.  This can be done by verifying they are on the same subnet and can ping each other.  Contact your IT professional if you do not know how to do this.

Verify the host SSP system is running with SSP launched.

Verify that the host SSP system has Mobile Control enabled.  This can be found in the Tools menu or the Utilities Panel.

Possible Solution:
Check your firewall settings.
If your Host system or network has a Firewall enabled you may need to allow SongShow Plus access for proper operation.  You should be prompted to allow the first time you enable the feature but if you disallow or cancel when prompted by your firewall, you may not be prompted again.  You can verify access by opening your firewall settings and making sure SSP is allowed inbound and outbound communication through the firewall.

Possible Solution:
It is possible that an incorrect IP address was entered in the Mobile Control settings.  In most cases, no IP address needs to be entered at all.  You can check this by using the instructions below:

1.      Click on Start > Programs > SongShow Plus > Utilities to open the SSP Utilities panel.

2.      Select the Mobile Control Settings option.

3.      In the Mobile Control panel, make sure the Enabled box is check marked.

4.      *Do Not Enter an IP Address* Click the Default Settings button and leave all of the default selections as they are. 
You should not need to make any changes unless you are running IIS or other HTTP server on the Host system.  Contact your IT Specialist if you are not sure.  If there is something else using port 80 on the Host system, enter an open port of your choosing in the Port field - 8080 is a common choice.  If you are unsure about this, contact your IT Specialist.

5.      Click Save to save and close the Mobile Control configuration panel.

6.      Close the Utilities Panel and launch SongShow Plus.  SongShow Plus must be running to be accessible via Mobile Control.

If none of the solutions listed above resolve your issue, please contact the support team for further investigation.


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