songshow plus worship presentation software


Mobile Control has a delayed response or lag when selecting options


While using either the browser based or App based Mobile Control to interact with SongShow Plus, there is a delay or lag in response on the wireless device or no response on the host SongShow Plus system.

Possible Cause:
When using the Mobile Control feature to interact with SongShow Plus there may be a delay in response depending on the network strength and range. Also firewall or router settings may affect your connection.  This will primarily affect wireless network solutions but in some cases can occur with a wired ethernet network. 

Possible Solution: 
When using Mobile Control, identify and address any settings or software that could block or delay the network connection of your device.  For wireless devices, make sure that sufficient signal strength is available in the area that you are accessing your wireless network from.  Also check for any Network Isolation or Proxy settings that may be delaying traffic.


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