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How do I obtain a SongShow Plus version 9 Site license?*


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions:
This article applies to all SongShow Plus 9.x versions.

Thank You for using SongShow Plus!

From time to time your organization may need to engage more users with SongShow Plus.  In order to install and use SongShow Plus successfully, a new license may be required.

There are 4 types of licenses available for SongShow Plus:

  • Evaluation License
  • Site License
  • Projection License
  • Workstation License

This article is regarding a Site license.  If you need a different type of license, refer to KB FAQ050 
You will need the following to successfully create a SongShow Plus Site license:

  • Your organization's Customer Account ID and password. If you need help finding this, refer to FAQ010.
  • Credit Card information if purchase of additional plug-ins is desired.

To obtain a SongShow Plus 9 Site license do the following:

  • Using your organization's Customer Account ID and password, log in to the SongShow Plus HERE.
  • Once logged in, navigate to the store order process from the Your Account page or click HERE.
  • Click Create New Order.
  • From the products and services options select Site License.  NOTE: At this time you may be prompted to select a renewal or other options.  You can select any appropriate options that you would like to add.
  • Once you have selected all desired options, click Continue.
  • Follow the remaining steps to complete payment method, review then complete the purchase.

NOTE: depending on the payment method there may be a delay in the Site License being applied.  If the purchase was made via credit card, as soon as you receive the receipt email you can proceed.

If you are unable to complete this successfully, please contact the Support Team.


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