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How do I activate SongShow Plus version 8 for non-evaluation use?*


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions:
This article applies to all SongShow Plus 8.x versions.

Thank You for using SongShow Plus!

NOTE: If you have SongShow Plus 8.4 dated 06/04/2018 or a later 8.x version this process should work.  If you have an earlier version of SongShow Plus, you can either update to the current 8.x version or contact the Support Team for further assistance.  If you are not sure, you can check to see what version you have installed (FAQ041) or log into your account and find the most current version your organization has available.

You will need to know the following to successfully activate a SongShow Plus license:

  • Your organization's Customer Account ID and password (to acquire the license). If you need help finding this, refer to FAQ010.
  • Local system administrator rights (to apply the license) for the machine you are activating.

NOTE: This process assumes that your organization has at least one available license.  If that is not the case, contact the Support Team.

To activate the license on the new machine do the following:

  • SongShow Plus should be in a de-activated state for this operation.  Launch SongShow Plus.
  • A message should be presented indicating activation is needed. Click OK to proceed.
  • The activation tool should present a list of options:
    • For a Projection Activation - Select option B) I want to activate this machine for projection.
    • For a Workstation Activation - Select option C) I want to activate this machine as a free workstation.
  • Click Next.
  • When asked for an Activation Code, select No and click Next.
  • Enter the Customer Account ID and password, then click Next
  • A list of available licenses will be displayed.  Select the appropriate license.  NOTE: If there are no licenses available, the user may purchase (projection) or create (workstation) one through a separate process. Please refer to FAQxxx for more information.
  • Click Next. NOTE: Elevation may be required during this process. Enter Admin level credentials and proceed.
  • Click Close. Once completed, SongShow Plus will automatically restart.

Congratulations, your SongShow Plus 8 license has now been activated.

If you are unable to complete this successfully, please contact the Support Team.


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