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How do I re-use a SongShow Plus version 9 license from a decommissioned machine?*


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions:
This article applies to all SongShow Plus 9.x versions.

Thank You for using SongShow Plus!

You will need to know the following to successfully re-use a SongShow Plus license:

  • Your organization's Customer Account ID and password (to acquire the license). If you need help finding this, refer to FAQ010.
  • The name of the license you want to re-use.  This may be obtained from your Organization's Account page under List Machines or from a recent email invoice.
    NOTE: If you do not know this information it may be best to contact the Support Team before proceeding.
  • Local system administrator rights (to apply the license) for the machine you are activating.

NOTE: This process assumes that your organization has no additional licenses available.  If it does, those will automatically be used first.

To re-use a SongShow Plus 9.x license (Projection or Workstation) on a machine, do the following:

  • SongShow Plus should be in a de-activated state for this operation.  Launch SongShow Plus.
  • The user should be presented with a message indicating activation is needed. Click OK to proceed.
  • Follow the steps displayed to proceed with the license activation process.  When the "Re-use an existing license" option is presented, the user will have to select the correct license for re-use.
  • Once selected, continue with the license activation process. NOTE: Elevation may be required during this process.
  • Once completed, SongShow Plus will automatically restart.
    NOTE: The previous machine that was using this license will automatically be deactivate whether it is functional or not.

Congratulations, your SongShow Plus license has now been re-used.

If you are unable to complete this successfully, please contact the Support Team.


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