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Display Information*

DirectX 9.0c video cards required for high-end graphics* (DI011)

Full Screen or Theater Mode Video Settings for Dual Monitors* (DI006)

How do I use dual monitors on my system?* (DI002)

Matrox DualHead2Go and TripleHeadToGo solutions with SongShow Plus* (DI012)

My colors in SongShow Plus look funny* (DI004)

NVIDIA Graphics Cards and temporary system freeze* (DI007)

Recommended Professional Level Video Cards* (DI009)

SLI Compatibility* (DI008)

Splitting a Display output over two or more displays.* (DI014)

Stretching a Display output over two or more displays.* (DI013)

Video driver updates for laptops* (DI010)

What video card should I use* (DI001)

When I display a song, the Control Window disappears. This happens even though I am using a dual monitor system.* (DI003)

Which monitor outputs should I use?* (DI005)

Hardware Information*

CPU Hyper-threading Compatibility* (HI001)

Hard drive* (HI005)

Multi-core CPU Compatibility* (HI003)

System memory* (HI004)

Wireless Remotes and SongShow Plus* (HI007)

Media Information*

Anamorphic 16:9 videos do not display properly in SSP* (MI015)

Audio file types supported in SSP* (MI012)

AVI Files* (MI005)

Data DVD vs Movie DVD* (MI007)

Decklink and PAL format video* (MI017)

H.264 playback in SSP using the SSP H.264 Plug-in* (MI014)

H.264 playback in SSP without the SSP H.264 Plug-in* (MI019)

I have WinDVD7 and SongShow Plus crashes or locks up* (MI008)

Image File types and formats supported in SSP* (MI013)

Mpeg1 Files* (MI003)

mpeg1 movies are choppy* (MI006)

Mpeg2 Files* (MI002)

MPEG2 video files do not show thumbnails in Background Improv* (MI009)

Supported CODEC combinations for Video and Audio* (MI018)

Video file types supported in Background Improv* (MI011)

Video file types supported in SSP* (MI010)

Video file types supported in Video Chain* (MI016)

Why is there a delay when using the Live Video feature?* (MI001)

WMV Files* (MI004)

Mobile Control Information*

Alert: Unable to start the HTTP server. Probably due to another web server running on this system.* (MC006)

Availability of the SongShow Plus Mobile Control Apps* (MC021)

Legacy Mobile Control - Beacon Port Conflict message when launching app.* (MC014)

Legacy Mobile Control - Incorrect Edition or Version message in apps* (MC013)

Legacy Mobile Control - Online Bible and scripture display* (MC007)

Legacy Mobile Control - Remote Control App for the iPhone/iPod crashes when installed on an iPad* (MC009)

Legacy Mobile Control - Some characters in files or folders have been replaced by an underscore* (MC018)

Legacy Mobile Control - Some folders, names or characters show up as question marks.* (MC017)

Legacy Mobile Control - Warning message regarding device screen size when launching an app.* (MC015)

Mobile Control - Browser version - Unable to connect to the host SSP system* (MC005)

Mobile Control - Current program not displaying in the app.* (MC023)

Mobile Control - Firewall settings preventing connection to host machine* (MC010)

Mobile Control - Network Device settings preventing wireless connection to host machine* (MC019)

Mobile Control - SongShow Plus or the Mobile Control app becomes unresponsive or crashes when accessing a particular folder.* (MC020)

Mobile Control - The app in use will not rotate.* (MC016)

Mobile Control - Unable to connect to the host SSP system* (MC004)

Mobile Control - user is presented with a message indicating there was a communications timeout error.* (MC012)

Mobile Control app only shows "Looking for machines..." in the machine list.* (MC011)

Mobile Control has a delayed response or lag when selecting options* (MC002)

Setting up and using the browser based Mobile Control for SongShow Plus* (MC001)

Setting up and using the Legacy Android Mobile Control Apps for SongShow Plus* (MC008)

Setting up and using the Legacy iOS Mobile Control Apps for SongShow Plus* (MC003)

Setting up and using the SongShow Mobile Control App* (MC024)

Socket Error occurs when selecting system in SongShow Mobile Control* (MC025)

The Mobile Control Stage Monitor will not display images or video.* (MC022)

Software Information

Boot Camp and SongShow Plus (SW023)

Changes to the SongSelect (CCLI) interface (SW024)

CrossOver Mac and SongShow Plus (SW022)

DVD Playback support for SongShow Plus version 8* (SW027)

How do I import songs from another database into the SongShow Plus database? Also, can I convert another database into SongShow Plus™ format? (SW005)

How do I import songs that I have in PowerPoint or Word into SongShow Plus? (SW003)

Online Bible and unicode text in SongShow Plus (SW026)

PowerDVD* (SW008)

PowerPoint 2007 .pptx files are not available in SSB slide image capture (SW012)

PowerPoint 2007 Support in SSP (SW011)

QuickVerse 2008 Bibles missing from the SSP Scripture selection (SW019)

QuickVerse 2008 is not recognized by SSP (SW016)

QuickVerse 2009 is not working with SSP (SW018)

Recommended DVD Applications for use with SongShow Plus 7* (SW020)

Some Bibles will not import properly or at all. (SW014)

Sometimes when I run a PowerPoint slide show from SongShow Plus, nothing happens? (SW002)

SongSelect Import Problem: Catastrophic Error (SW007)

SongSelect Lyrics Service (CCLI) songs may include song parts that are not supported (SW013)

SongShow Plus can't access SongSelect 2.1. What do I do? (SW004)

SSP Lock-ups related to MPEG-2 playback and WinDVD (SW010)

TaskSwitchXP compatiblity problems. (SW006)

Trend Micro PC-Cillin causes false positive for possible virus during SSP install (SW015)

Virus scanner hits on files related to SongShow Plus* (SW025)

VMware Fusion for Mac and SongShow Plus (SW021)

When I try to play a DVD Active Movie opens (SW001)

WinDVD 9 released by Corel (SW017)

WinDVD* (SW009)

SongShow Plus FAQs*

Can I build announcement and sermon note slide shows using SongShow Plus?* (FAQ017)

Can I have multiple workstations and if so, what issues are there?* (FAQ004)

Can I use content created in a different version of SongShow Plus?* (FAQ024)

Do I need an unlock code for a Workstation license?* (FAQ003)

Does SongShow Plus require dual monitors?* (FAQ020)

Does SongShow Plus support external video devices?* (FAQ019)

Does SongShow Plus support languages other than English?* (FAQ030)

Does SongShow Plus support video files?* (FAQ018)

Does SongShow Plus work on Windows 10?* (FAQ037)

Does SongShow Plus™ support Microsoft PowerPoint® slide shows?* (FAQ022)

Does SongShow Plus™ work with other slide show applications?* (FAQ023)

How can I manage my wishes in the Wish List?* (FAQ033)

How do I activate SongShow Plus version 8 for non-evaluation use?* (FAQ047)

How do I activate SongShow Plus version 9 for non-evaluation use?* (FAQ042)

How do I create a SongShow Plus version 9 license for a new machine?* (FAQ050)

How do I create a SongShow Plus version 9 Projection license for a new machine?* (FAQ053)

How do I create a SongShow Plus version 9 Workstation license for a new machine?* (FAQ051)

How do I download older builds of SongShow Plus?* (FAQ008)

How do I make my organization logo appear when I launch SongShow Plus?* (FAQ026)

How do I move a SongShow Plus version 8 license to another machine?* (FAQ046)

How do I move a SongShow Plus version 9 license to another machine?* (FAQ044)

How do I obtain a SongShow Plus version 9 Site license?* (FAQ052)

How do I remove a SongShow Plus License From a Machine?* (FAQ009)

How do I re-use a SongShow Plus version 8 license from a decommissioned machine?* (FAQ045)

How do I re-use a SongShow Plus version 9 license from a decommissioned machine?* (FAQ043)

How do I turn off the News updates at start-up?* (FAQ035)

How do I uninstall SongShow Plus version 7 completely?* (FAQ006)

How do I update a version 7 License After Subscription Renewal?* (FAQ007)

How do Slide Properties within SongShow Plus work?* (FAQ038)

Is there a renewal fee required to keep using SongShow Plus™ after the first year?* (FAQ021)

Online Services - OneDrive* (FAQ036)

SongShow Plus 9.x is showing up with a dark theme - Can I change that?* (FAQ040)

What are ProModules?* (FAQ014)

What are the system requirements?* (FAQ012)

What Bible versions are supported in SongShow Plus?* (FAQ016)

What Bibles are available in SongShow Plus?* (FAQ039)

What fonts are supported in SSP/SSB?* (FAQ029)

What is the difference between SongShow Plus™ and Microsoft PowerPoint®?* (FAQ013)

What is the Wish List?* (FAQ032)

What site exceptions are needed for SSP if we use a web filter?* (FAQ025)

What songs come with SongShow Plus™?* (FAQ015)

What version of SongShow Plus do I have installed on my machine?* (FAQ041)

What version(s) of SongShow Plus do I have available?* (FAQ048)

What web browser should I use with SSP?* (FAQ027)

What's the difference between a Projection license and a Workstation license?* (FAQ002)

When I install the new version of SongShow Plus, will I lose my previous settings and songs?* (FAQ005)

When will I receive my unlock code for Version 7 or earlier?* (FAQ001)

Where can I find my SongShow Plus Customer Account ID?* (FAQ010)

Where can I find the Code A for my SongShow Plus version 7 or earlier install?* (FAQ049)

Where do I find the Mobile Control apps for SongShow Plus?* (FAQ034)

Why can't I access certain areas of the forum anymore?* (FAQ031)

Will integrated graphics solutions work for SsongShow Plus?* (FAQ028)

Will SongShow Plus run on a Mac computer?* (FAQ011)

SongShow Plus Information

July 2008 Edition - Prior Version Compatibility Info (SSP046)

Alert - RME is either not installed or is corrupted after July 2008 Update (SSP049)

Applications interfering with the proper operation of SongShow Plus (SSP094)

Applications interfering with the proper operation of the H.264 plug-in (SSP061)

April 2007 change - Favorites/window state for Internet Import moved to user profile (SSP022)

April 2007 change - Shell commands moved to user profile - old global settings discarded (SSP023)

April 2008 Edition - Changes to non-administrator setup (SSP040)

April 2008 Edition - Prior Version Compatibility Info (SSP043)

April 2008 Edition - Quick Verse 2008 support added (SSP041)

April 2008 Edition - Song Conversion to Slide Show - Possible Concerns (SSP042)

April 2008 Edition - SSB - possible issues importing text with formatting (SSP039)

April 2008 Edition - User Interface / Training Notes (SSP044)

December 2009 Edition - Bug Fixes (SSP070)

DeckLink Limitations - SongShow Plus Features not supported when using the DeckLink plug-in (SSP095)

DPI settings supported in SongShow Plus (SSP062)

Duplicate songs in the songs database (SSP045)

Effects Collection 1 Complementary license for current Basic License holders (SSP020)

Effects that may be affected by the conversion to the April 2007 edition (SSP019)

Enhanced Spell Checker indicator markings issue (SSP033)

Expected Mute / Clear behavior in SongShow Plus (SSP096)

February 2009 Edition - Prior Version Compatibility Info (SSP054)

February 2009 Edition - Text based Tutorials Removed (SSP056)

February 2009 Edition - User Interface/Training Notes (SSP055)

February 2009 Edition - User Preference Changes (SSP053)

Group application of properties in Slideshow Builder (SSP091)

How can I get the New International Version Bible for SongShow Plus? (Or any other version.) (SSP003)

How do I add a song to the ShortList? (SSP006)

How do I copy songs that I've added to my Workstation computer to the Projection computer? (SSP007)

I have installed SongSelect, but can't find any way to import the songs into SongShow Plus. (SSP002)

January 2008 Edition - Breaking Changes (SSP035)

January 2008 Edition - Deprecated Plug-ins (SSP036)

January 2008 Edition - Prior Version Compatibility Info (SSP034)

July 2008 Edition - Deprecated Plug-ins (SSP048)

July 2008 Edition - User Interface/Training Notes (SSP047)

June 2010 Edition - Bug Fixes (SSP077)

June 2010 Edition - Prior Version Compatibility Info (SSP078)

June 2010 Edition - User Interface/Training Notes (SSP079)

Known issues with the SongShow Plus 7 May 2012 Edition and Windows 8/8.1* (SSP097)

Last night I typed in several songs, and this morning they are all gone. (SSP004)

Live Video Aspect Ratio is limited to 4:3 ratio (SSP099)

March 2010 Edition - Bug Fixes (SSP073)

March 2010 Edition - New Improv Tools will not affect 3rd party apps (SSP072)

March 2010 Edition - Prior Version Compatibility Info (SSP074)

March 2010 Edition - User Interface/Training Notes (SSP076)

March 2010 Edition - User Preference Changes (SSP075)

March 2010 Edition - Web Pages Panel - Favorites and browser use (SSP071)

March 2011 Edition - Internet Image Import requires IE 9 (SSP084)

March 2011 Edition - SSP User Guide location change (SSP083)

May 2009 Edition - Bug Fixes (SSP060)

May 2009 Edition - Prior Version Compatibility Info (SSP057)

May 2009 Edition - User Interface/Training Notes (SSP059)

May 2009 Edition - User Preference Changes (SSP058)

Multiple TWAIN image captures from devices are not supported (SSP017)

My ShortList is missing songs. (SSP005)

Network Machine - setting up shared resources in SongShow Plus* (SSP102)

New setting in Preferences after April 2007 Release (SSP016)

November 2008 Edition - Deprecated Plug-ins (SSP100)

November 2008 Edition - Prior Version Compatibility Info (SSP051)

November 2008 Edition - User Interface/Training Notes (SSP050)

October 2007 Edition change - DirectX 9 Video Cards required for high-end graphics* (SSP032)

October 2007 Edition change - Functional change to the Auto-case feature (SSP030)

October 2007 Edition change - Functional change to Visualizations (SSP031)

October 2007 Edition change - Practice Mode changed to Embed Display (SSP028)

October 2007 Edition change - User Interface / Training Notes (SSP029)

October 2010 Edition - Lost Windows Resolution (SSP082)

October 2010 Edition - User Interface/Training Notes (SSP080)

PAL DVD support in SSP* (SSP013)

Playing DVDs through SSP* (SSP012)

Preview window scaling may not seem to match output screen. (SSP014)

September 2009 Edition - Bug Fixes (SSP063)

September 2009 Edition - PowerPoint Plug-ins are incorporated into the main installer (SSP068)

September 2009 Edition - Prior Version Compatibility Info (SSP066)

September 2009 Edition - User Interface/Training Notes (SSP064)

September 2009 Edition - User Preference Changes (SSP065)

September 2009 Edition - XML Import Plug-in is incorporated into the main installer (SSP067)

Slide Show Print options removed (SSP037)

Some new effects appear differently depending on the order of application. (SSP015)

Sometimes when editing slides with video in SSB the frame preview does not appear (SSP018)

SongSelect .txt and .usr File import into SongShow Plus (SSP052)

SongShow Plus won't let me change the lyrics of a song. (SSP001)

SSP Best Practices - Desktop appearance and Screen Saver (SSP086)

SSP Best Practices - Editing song titles for search (SSP089)

SSP Best Practices - Media file sizes - (SSP101)

SSP Best Practices - Moving files to another SongShow Plus system (SSP088)

SSP Best Practices - Operating System Updates and SongShow Plus (SSP081)

SSP Best Practices - Optimal system working environment for SongShow Plus* (SSP098)

SSP Best Practices - Running (or not running) the diagnostic trace file (SSP093)

SSP Best Practices - Save your Global Display Properties (SSP087)

SSP Best Practices - System Sounds (SSP085)

SSP Best Practices - Video Card Settings (SSP092)

Using the Messaging options in the Improv Panel (SSP090)

Video Devices show the controls for tuner and channel but are grayed out (SSP069)

VISTA - SSP does not show proper live thumbnails in Flip-3D when minimized (SSP021)

VISTA / Windows 7 - DVD Import/Playback within SongShow Plus (SSP027)

VISTA / Windows 7 - Quick Message issues and possible workaround (SSP026)

VISTA / Windows 7 - SSP User Database error - Alert indicates DAO 3.6 is required. (SSP025)

VISTA / Windows 7 - Trace files in Standard user accounts (SSP038)

VISTA and the April 2007 Release - The New/Updated Plug-ins don't work. (SSP024)

When adding a new song, why do I get a message that the song already exists? (SSP009)

When I make a photo slide show the file gets really big. Why? (SSP011)

Why do I now have two copies for each of the example songs? (SSP008)

Why does the font size change between songs and verses, and how do I make it stop? (SSP010)

System Information

Displaying SongShow Plus and Performance considerations (SI004)

How to determine if you should update your drivers (SI006)

My laptop monitor blinks when I play a video file (SI005)

Notebook performance and Intel SpeedStep technology (SI012)

Power Management and Screen Saver setting recommendations for SongShow Plus (SI011)

Running SSP in a Non-Administrator User Account (SI007)

SongShow Plus only works when I log in as Administrator (SI001)

SSL/TSL version changes affects several parts of SongShow Plus* (SI014)

The importance of AGP drivers (SI003)

Video drivers (SI002)

VISTA - SSP Unlock procedure to propagate the unlock to all user accounts on the system (SI010)

VISTA / Windows 7 - UAC - What is it and should it be enabled or disabled? (SI009)

Windows 10 - OS Security settings cause issues with SongShow Plus (SI013)

Windows 10 - Updating to build 1809 not recommended at this time* (SI015)

Windows Versions and SSP Compatibility (SI008)


A "MediaLooks" watermark is appearing on H.264 videos (TS224)

A blank slide is displayed at the end of a PowerPoint Slide Show (TS198)

A catastrophic error occurs when using the "Search By Text" option when searching the songs database (TS210)

A DAX Error occurs when launching the Live Video plug-in (TS092)

A delay occurs when launching display properties related to songs (TS079)

A delay occurs when launching the Package To Go or Backup/Restore tool. (TS239)

A Please Wait... error window randomly pops up during SSP operation (TS185)

A red X appears next to program items in the Program Panel (TS157)

A screen flicker appears when changing songs while current control slide previews are in use. (TS184)

A white border and scroll bar appear when displaying a web page. (TS191)

Access Denied error when launching SongShow Plus from User account (TS039)

Access Violation error when adjusting audio track levels (TS053)

Active Movie window opens when trying to Connect the DeckLink Plug-in in SongShow Plus (TS131)

Ads, messages or other distractions appear on the presentation screen when displaying content from the Web Pages panel (TS192)

After song import or restore some searches will result in a re-index and then a "Please Wait..." error message. (TS264)

Alert - PowerPoint file is no longer accessible. It may have been manually closed by the user or a problem may have occurred. (TS144)

Alert - The following plugin is installed but is not licensed for use: (TS168)

Alert - This component requires DirectX version 9.0c or later (TS068)

Alert - Unable to present slide show: PowerPoint files or content is missing or unusable (TS190)

Alert - Unable to use DirectX for Display (TS056)

Alert - Unable to use fill type: (TS169)

Alert - Unable to use Image (TS182)

Alert - Unable to use PowerPoint presentation. Reason: PowerPoint slide show is not open (TS143)

Alert - Unable to use transitions (TS171)

Alert - Unexpected error occurred with rendering slide object + slide image renderer (TS170)

Alert or error occurs when displaying a blank slide (TS136)

An Information error will occur when SongShow Plus is opened or closed (TS237)

Audio does not play in videos in SSP (TS089)

Audio file property settings are labeled as video (TS052)

Audio track on a song restarts when using certain controls (TS055)

Audio tracks may overlap if played consecutively in a program (TS054)

Audio/Video mismatch during DVD playback (TS071)

Author and Copyright information are swapped when importing files from SongSelect. (TS220)

Auto open of previous program is not working (TS087)

Autorun PPT files always start with the first slide when slides are selected out of order (TS258)

Available date ranges in the CCLI Activity Report are not current (TS118)

Background Improv (BGI) and the Display Properties preview strip (TS060)

Backup / Restore or Package-to-Go: Unable to create file (TS011)

Bible scripture characters are incorrect in SongShow Plus (TS234)

Bible Search - Reina-Valera 1960 - Contents not found as expected. (TS295)

Bible text is not visible when browsing in Book/Chapter/Verse tab. (TS197)

Bible text will not import properly or at all. (TS051)

Black slide presented at the end of a PowerPoint slideshow (TS135)

Blank Slide button does not always use the selected transition* (TS316)

Blank slide inserted in program does not display selected background (TS032)

Bullet font, size or color does not change when text font size is changed (TS074)

Buttons missing from New Song dialog when DPI settings are changed (TS090)

cannot navigate file locations for the Acquire Media From... zip files (TS303)

CCLI Activity log does not include 04/01/2010 - 09/30/2010 report date range (TS100)

CCLI License number is not appearing with the song text. (TS045)

CCLI logging does not prompt to select database as expected (TS126)

CCLI song import - Unexpected download format error occurs. (TS187)

Certain characters disappear when exiting the SSB text editor (TS117)

Certain keyboard keys/controls are non-responsive or cause undesired behavior in the SSP Control panel. (TS062)

Changes to song order not saved if made while playing slideshow (TS082)

Changing the High End Graphics setting in SongShow Plus (TS292)

Checker board pattern appears on projected output (TS120)

Chromex seems to be using a lot of system resources* (TS233)

Chromex will not install* (TS315)

Click and drag not working in Slide Show Builder (TS181)

Code B doesn't work (TS009)

Color Search returns few or no results.* (TS273)

Color Search will not find items on a network location (TS211)

Corrupted Display Properties file error (TS162)

Corruption of display items following a Video or Timer (TS167)

Current Slide Properties do not save automatically on close as expected (TS252)

Data files are in use by an older version of SSP error… (TS003)

Dax Error or Out of Memory occurs when selecting background (TS298)

DeckLink - Live video shows through some transitions (TS297)

DeckLink Limitation - PowerPoint slide transitions or animations are not rendered to the DeckLink output (TS212)

Display Properties Layout position grid jumps when moved (TS160)

Displayed text size for Songs, Scripture and Slides does not match. (TS216)

DVD Audio is not working as expected.* (TS278)

DVD Import is unstable with Multi-Core support enabled (TS113)

DVD Mark In and Mark Out points are not set or triggered as expected (TS225)

DVD Previews in SongShow Plus 8 (TS251)

DVD stop and/or loop points do not work (TS083)

Encountering loss of video backgrounds or SSP hang ups with WMV videos in Windows 10* (TS311)

Error - Unable to save slide show. Reason: The system can not find the file specified. (TS145)

Error message about D3DX9_##.dll is missing (TS001)

Error message occurs when trying to edit a PPT file from within SSP (TS125)

Error message on startup indicates a file is missing (TS121)

Error occurs when embedding background image of an object in the program panel (TS201)

Error occurs when running system updates through SSP web panels (TS106)

Error trying to import content from Dropbox within SongShow Plus* (TS306)

Error trying to import content from OneDrive within SongShow Plus* (TS307)

Error trying to import content from SongSelect Online* (TS305)

Error when playing a slideshow with audio track set (TS245)

Error when playing or adding WMA Audio files in SSP* (TS040)

Error when setting the animation timing settings too high (TS244)

Errors occur when trying to use Quick Message in limited user account (TS075)

Errors occurring during rebuilding of indexes for song (TS033)

Errors when importing items other than songs into SongShow Plus (TS038)

Everything is displayed with “Demonstration” or “Workstation" behind it. (TS005)

Exit animation is not working in Slide Show Builder (TS101)

Folder is not remembered in display settings (TS012)

Font selection list behaves badly when navigating with arrow keys. (TS109)

German song text incuding the umlaut is not correctly imported from CCLI (TS096)

Getting a “Duplicates not allowed” error when attempting to merge slideshows* (TS309)

Global Display Properties are not persistent from session to session (TS152)

Global Display Properties will not stay set from session to session (TS205)

H.264 Video support does not work when Full Graphics Mode is disabled (TS094)

H.264 videos are showing up blank when looping in a slideshow* (TS310)

H.264 videos or thumbnails may cause SSP to be unstable and lock up (TS097)

H.264 Videos will not play correctly in SSP* (TS088)

High CPU utilization when using effects (TS031)

High system CPU utilization occurs when working with images. (TS281)

Image displayed from a program after a video or timer is blank (TS183)

Image editing in SSB - apparent dual image after editing (TS091)

Image import from the internet is not working as expected (TS134)

Importing using Song Database tool causes an error - TS302

Information Error when trying to display a PPT file (TS219)

Instant Message Shadow setting does not appear to work. (TS217)

Interface not supported alert message (TS129)

Italicized text is cut off when right justified (TS261)

Items in displayed list appear grayed out when scrolling (TS070)

Matrox Graphics Expansion Devices not working as expected (TS299)

Media Control or Display Properties preview thumbnails are not showing correctly (TS218)

Media Control Panel video preview flickers (TS199)

Media import causes SSP to become unresponsive (TS102)

Message "There are no song databases presently active" (TS288)

Minor songs do not appear in Song list sort by Key (TS095)

Missing close and other icons from SSP windows - (TS287)

Motion backgrounds periodically flicker when used via Background Improv (TS236)

Multiple alerts when playing Christmas Example slideshow (TS099)

Multiple Gradient color selections not staying selected when applied (TS123)

Multiple songs with the same name appear in the Songs Panel (TS078)

Multi-user systems and the SSP desktop icon (TS064)

Nothing I present is displayed on my second monitor (TS006)

Office 365 and SongShow Plus (TS282)

One or more plug-ins fails to install during installation or update (TS194)

Online Bible does not close when SongShow Plus is closed (TS108)

Online Bible Scripture - Scripture panel blanks when adding verse to the program (TS271)

Online Bible Scripture text overlaps in the scripture preview panel (TS270)

Online Services - Unable to set up accounts - comm fail (TS253)

Online Services - Unable to set up accounts (TS266)

Package To Go does not allow destination selection (TS290)

Package To Go or Backup/Restore is slow or appears to hang when creating a package (TS150)

Page not found error when selecting SongSelect import (TS030)

Pasting text into SlideShow Builder behaves badly in some cases (TS241)

persistent start up alert - Unable to make a complete conversion from an old-style effect: Bevel Edges (TS026)

Planning Center Online plans do not appear in order (TS301)

Power Point slides don’t animate correctly (TS007)

PowerPoint and the Stage Display* (TS291)

PowerPoint error occurs when closing SongShow Plus (TS163)

PowerPoint file save occurs when closing SongShow Plus (TS232)

PowerPoint Files are not visible in the Inspector Panel (TS140)

PowerPoint files are skipping the first slide when presented in SongShow Plus (TS116)

PowerPoint files not working as expected in SongShow Plus (TS049)

PowerPoint presentation flashes over the control window before being displayed (TS050)

PowerPoint runs maximized in the background when presenting in SongShow Plus (TS231)

PowerPoint settings for SongShow Plus* (TS293)

PowerPoint slide is presented shifted or off screen* (TS296)

PowerPoint slides do not appear on screen when using DeckLink (TS242)

PowerPoint slideshows are skipping parts when advancing with the + in a program (TS147)

PPT files converted to SSP slide shows are presenting slowly* (TS207)

PPT files momentarily show the first slide when slides are selected out of order (TS257)

PPT transitions do not work in SSP (TS247)

Presented image disappears when cropped in the program panel. (TS177)

Presented image is blank when presented from the program panel. (TS178)

Preview panels shrink when using cued items in SSP7 (TS023)

Print to Clipboard option no longer available when printing from a Program (TS148)

Printing of images from a program does not bring up Print Dialog (TS027)

Problem changing destination path for Package To Go and BU/Restore (TS141)

Program file not found after Package To Go restore operation (TS081)

Projection from USB video adapter is not working. (TS227)

Projection screen flashing when browsing videos in the inspector panel (TS043)

QuickVerse plug-in is not automatically selected during install when QuickVerse 2008 is installed (TS076)

Random lockups of SSP after a Windows Update (TS300)

Recieved server error or Bad Request error during SongSelect import (TS259)

Remote or wireless device is no longer advancing slides after update* (TS151)

Rerunning the Slide Assitant does not work with Version 7 content - (TS256)

Right-Click copy/paste menu does not work in PPT song import panel (TS098)

RME error - Unable to play videos after updating to July 2008 Edition (TS080)

Saved song verse order does not appear as expected when adding to program panel (TS166)

Scritpure book names and chapter number are cut off. (TS229)

Scrolling in programs panel is jumpy (TS069)

Searching in the song database does not return the expected result (TS158)

Selected or edited background object is not displayed as expected* (TS036)

Selected Vimeo or YouTube video will not play through SongShow Plus (TS193)

Service Section and Service Item label text will not center. (TS262)

Show on first slide setting not working as expected (TS072)

Slide Builder appears to be hiding off screen (TS267)

Slide Show Builder slows down, freezes (TS059)

SlideShow Builder - Text box properties are not affected by changes in global slide properties (TS240)

Slideshow Builder hangs up when editing a slideshow (TS153)

Slideshow slides will not loop (TS029)

Slow response when editing slideshows (TS146)

Some (or all) songs are not showing in the songs database panel (TS016)

Some dialog windows disappear or are hidden (TS189)

Some fonts are not working as expected in Windows 10 that worked in Windows 7* (TS308)

Some fonts are not working in SongShow Plus 8 that worked in version 7* (TS255)

Some keyboard functions do not work in the SongSelect Website Import panel (TS122)

Some menu or dialog boxes are too big to fit in the display. (TS214)

Some songs were deleted when an SSP update was completed (TS086)

Some webpages will not display as expected through the Web Pages panel. (TS221)

Song cannot be found after workstation to projection transfer of program (TS021)

Song collection User Hymns is automatically applied to cloned songs (TS203)

song database jumps to the top after editing songs at the bottom of the list (TS173)

Song part is mislabeled during SongSelect import (TS202)

Song part labels may overlap the text of the song part. (TS057)

Song parts and labels may not be displayed correctly in SSP with saved verse order after the January 2008 Edition update. (TS058)

song parts do not show up when expanded in a program. (TS128)

Song text disappearing from display* (TS313)

Song text import from PDF fails and SSP locks up. (TS275)

Song text import from PPT fails (TS276)

SongSelect (CCLI) Import within SongShow Plus is not working (TS084)

SongSelect (CCLI) Lyrics Import module within SongShow Plus is not installing correctly (TS104)

SongSelect error message in SSP on launch (TS046)

SongSelect Online option is not showing up under the Songs menu.* (TS312)

SongShow Plus 8 and Temporary Licenses (TS249)

SongShow Plus 8.2 Update link fails (TS286)

SongShow Plus and Windows Scaling settings are not working as expected* (TS314)

SongShow Plus displays not correct at startup. (TS304)

SongShow Plus hangs on the splash screen during startup (TS137)

SongShow Plus hangs or locks up during shutdown* (TS268)

SongShow Plus has a large memory leak when using the DeckLink Plug-in (TS130)

SongShow Plus installation fails due to a newer version of the C++ redist existing on the system. (TS200)

SongShow Plus performance affected when running on a notebook system. (TS042)

SongShow Plus re-indexes the song database every time it is started* (TS196)

SongShow Plus reports out of memory when running slideshow or program (TS019)

SongShow Plus stopped working when running PPT file (TS285)

SongShow Plus system alert occurs after successful SongSelect import. (TS044)

SongShow Plus will not update or install (TS235)

Source video does not appear on screen when using the DeckLink plug-in (TS132)

Source video lost when using Video Device in SongShow Plus (TS115)

SSP Display setting for Minimize Window have no effect (TS284)

SSP generates error messages about being unable to initialize or not able to find other programs. (TS004)

SSP is slow to respond to mouse clicks (TS022)

SSP only works for administrators (TS008)

SSP.exe Stopped Working error (TS283)

SSP/SSB not responding or hangs while accessing or saving files (TS289)

Stock songs will not transfer to another system with Package-to-go (TS165)

Stream Read Error when searching or indexing songs. (TS279)

Superscript verse numbers not appearing when scripture text is added in Slideshow Builder (TS164)

System temporarily freezes at random during video playback (TS018)

Templates or slides are slow to render or populate. (TS274)

Text and object alignment is different in slide shows after moving them to a different system (TS175)

Text color changing when adding or removing effects in SSB (TS025)

Text from the Instant Message or Stage Message tools does not appear on screen (TS124)

Text including indentation is not displayed correctly in the SlideShow Builder. (TS230)

Text layout settings in Scripture Slide Builder are not correct (TS077)

Text size of Scriptures does not match Songs and Slides (TS263)

Text underline causing system and SSB to become non-responsive (TS073)

The "full title" Verse Buttons run off the end of the current item control panel (TS093)

The + key or mouse click on the projection screen will not advance song verses (TS034)

The Backup/Restore takes a very long time to re-index when the song database is selected for backup. (TS248)

The Flare effect is not working when applied to a white background or object. (TS228)

The Help - About information page will not open. (TS265)

The items in the control panel windows are jumpy when using the mouse wheel scroll (TS035)

The kaleidoscope fill does not work or is missing (TS195)

The Message Bible appears to be missing text (TS149)

The option for setting an audio track for the length of a slideshow will not stay set (TS246)

The projected output appears to be frozen (TS105)

The Scripture panel goes blank and is inaccessible (TS085)

The Slide Show Builder editor appears to be a differnt format than the presentation display (TS209)

The SongShow Plus NRSV bible translation has some errors in the book of Psalms (TS110)

The SongShow Plus songs database is not showing as expected. (TS208)

The special format insert CTRL+N command in the SSB text editing menu conflicts with the "create new" CTRL+N command (TS111)

The transitions settings menu option from the program panel is not working (TS215)

The unlock license files I recieved will not unlock my installation of SSP (TS179)

The verse preview hint option is missing from preferences. (TS180)

The Video Playback settings are not working with DVDs (TS188)

There are dings or beeps when navigating through SongShow Plus. (TS186)

Thumbnails are not being displayed in the Media Control panel. (TS272)

Thumbnails in the file import windows are too small (TS119)

Timers and PowerPoint Presentations may cause SSP to stop responding (TS037)

Too many verses added during verse order selection (TS114)

Transisions are not working as expected when using the Decklink plug-in (TS133)

Transition delay when moving to/from a song in a program. (TS238)

Transitions do not occur during image slideshows (TS280)

unable to advance to next program item with a double click after update (TS047)

Unable to apply effects to motion backgrounds (TS028)

Unable to delete files from the database panel (TS174)

Unable to delete newly created or added files (TS103)

Unable to edit or delete song collection names (TS159)

unable to expand slide shows in the database panel (TS172)

Unable to import DVD: Operation prohibited or inhibited (TS015)

Unable to import or play a DVD (TS014)

Unable to import PowerPoint files or content in SSP (TS155)

Unable to Install: Insufficient Membership Level (TS010)

Unable to Install: Unable to find IsUserAnAdmin (TS013)

Unable to open scripture database Quickverse error (TS138)

Unable to open song database SongSelect 3.0 Reason: "Invalid expiration year" (TS139)

Unable to open song database SongSelect 3.0. Reason: Can't open C:\Program Files (x86)\SongSelect 3.0\SSONGS3.ISD (TS156)

Unable to play audio file - an error or alert occurs (TS161)

Unable to play certain WMV video files. (TS223)

Unable to print in color when printing slideshows (TS041)

Unable to print slide shows from SSP or SSB (TS213)

Unable to save Slide Properties (TS250)

Unable to see number of Notices in the tool bar (TS204)

Unable to specify aspect ratio for embedded display window (TS063)

Unable to use SongSelect 3.0 database songs after March 2011 Update (TS142)

Unable to use the strikeout font treatment in SlideShow Builder (TS222)

Updating or installing SongShow Plus is unsuccessful - Error "Object already exists" (TS269)

User experiences a range check or parsing error with a program or slide show. (TS277)

User is prompted to repair or remove a C++ redist existing on the system during a SongShow Plus installation or update. (TS127)

User is unable to access or view the Activity Report (TS176)

User is unable to launch SongShow Plus 8 after installation - error message - " A Problem occurred ..." (TS254)

User not prompted to open program after a Package To Go restore (TS206)

User unable to edit song files after text import from a PDF or other file type. (TS061)

Video Chain locks up during playback. (TS294)

Video Mark In and Mark Out points are not set or triggered as expected (TS243)

Video or Timer does not fade or transition out as expected (TS260)

Videos and images do not show up in the Slideshow Builder when editing (TS154)

Videos are choppy in SSP (TS024)

Videos will not play in SSP (TS002)

VISTA - DVD Subtitles do not work in the DVD import under Windows Vista (TS048)

VISTA / Windows 7 - Presentation screen is unresponsive after UAC elevation (TS067)

VISTA -SSP launch when April 2008 Edition is installed over an older version (TS065)

web pages import panel not working as expected in the 6/22 edition (TS112)

Web Pages Panel icon is not showing up in the toolbar (TS107)

When launching SongShow Plus there are multiple toolbar icons for SSP. (TS226)

When playing a video in SSP, the video takes over the entire display (TS017)

When starting SongShow Plus, I get a message that says 'class not registered'. (TS020)

XML Import not working correctly with the January 2008 Release (TS066)

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